5 Reasons Getting a Vasectomy is Good for Your Sex Life –

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One of the biggest concerns among men considering the snip is how it will affect their sex lives. Severing the vas deferens – the link between the sperm vesicles in the testicles and the rest of the body – usually leads to the same few questions. How does this impact testosterone production? How does this change the consistency of ejaculate fluid? Will there be any problems with erections?

The facts: It doesn’t affect testosterone production. Though the hormone is produced in the testes, it spreads through the blood stream, not through the vas. There is no change in testosterone levels pre- and post-vasectomy.

Sperm only makes up 5% of ejaculate fluid, so there’s hardly a noticeable change. Semen is largely made up of sugars and liquids that feed sperm and help them swim north, and all that fluid is still expelled during an ejaculation. Just missing a few swimmers, is all.

And there is no link between vasectomies and erectile dysfunction. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Studies have shown having a vasectomy tends to improve your sex life.



Less planning, more spontaneity

No more worrying about if the condom broke, whether she remembered to take her pill or making that run to a drug store for a pregnancy test if her period is late. Vasectomies mean sex anywhere, anytime without worrying about pregnancy or needing to keep contraception handy*.

Less stress, better sex

Stress is one of the biggest negative influences on modern sex lives. It can cause erectile dysfunction, mess with testosterone production and alter ovulation in women. Reducing stress, both from not worrying about pregnancy and avoiding financial stress as a result of unplanned pregnancies gets you in the mood and in the moment. Oh yeah, and orgasms are better when you’re not stressed.

Fewer hormones, more sex drive

Hormonal birth control can lower women’s libidos, limiting how often they’re in the mood. Ditch the need for hormones with a vasectomy; greater sex drive, more sex!

The doctors prescribe sex as post-op homework

Men get a sperm count post-vasectomy to make sure it works. But before then, homework is to have 20-25 ejaculations to clear any lingering sperm out from the tubes. Sex tally, anyone? The doctor says you have to…

Guys with vasectomies just get laid more

A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that guys who had had a vasectomy had sex 5.9 times per month, compared to non-vasectomized men at only 4.9 times per month. After adjusting for variables like age, marital status, and self-reported health status, men who had undergone a vasectomy had 81% higher odds of having intercourse at least once a week, compared to the non-vasectomized men.


So do it for you, do it for her, do it for the sex.

Find a provider near you today at www.worldvasectomyday.org/providers, and learn more here and here.

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Get Your Freak On –


“A man is as young as the woman he feels…” Unknown

Alright, it’s sex time. I’ve written about this task before, and I get a chorus of “amens” and/or “ass-hole”. Usually more of the latter than the former…

I had sex on a beach one time. Not a beach in the south of France, or in Hawaii, but on the shores of Lake Erie. It was a beach in name only–there was little sand and a lot of stones–it had the consistency of asphalt. I’ve also had sex on a golf course, in a claw-footed bathtub, the backseat of a VW bug, the restroom of a little league baseball park, and the bed of a pick-up truck. I’ve had sex with tall women, short women, ugly women, cute women; feminists, republicans, a nurse, a professional magician and an older woman who claimed that she was a member of the Daughters of The American Revolution. I’ve had awesome, perfect sex, limp-dick sex, sex with a yawning woman, sex when I’m bored, and sex in the morning before coffee, in the rain, and hung over.

And it was all good.

I hate it when guys say, “oh, she was good in bed…”, or ‘she sucked in bed…”. WAKE UP! Be thankful that anyone, regardless of ability, would take the time to let you into their body.

I hate it when guys say, “oh, she was good in bed…”, or ‘she sucked in bed…”. WAKE UP! Somebody fucked you! Oh, sure–it can be quantified, but keep it to yourself and be thankful that anyone, regardless of ability, would take the time to let you into their body.

And let me finish with this: ANY sex is better than NO sex.

After I had sex on the “beach” I had gravel in my ass crack and scratches on my knees and elbows–and testicles–and somehow I scraped my nose.

But it was fantastic. Even though I did require first aid…


If you adhere to the following rules, I want you to have sex this week. The rules:

1) You can’t coerce someone to have sex with you. Meaning: you can’t force them. They have to be WILLING partners. Meaning, it has to be consensual–you have to have the other person’s permission. If you engage in a sexual act without another person’s consent it is considered to be sexual assault or rape. Sexual assault and rape are crimes. Horrible crimes.
2) You both have to be of legal age to have sex. Check your state’s statutes if you aren’t sure.
3) You must not deviate from rules one and two.

So if you’re of age, and have permission from your partner, then enjoy. You deserve it.

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